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WEF ASIA 4.0 and some personal reflections
Ngày đăng 17/09/2018, 20:58

WEF ASIA 4.0 and some personal reflections

1. At center of Saigon I cannot access and get your live stream of the open discussion...

Please kindly ensure that you should include me!

Free Internet, no censorship, no block for some specific topics or areas or any one...this is the first for 4.0?

2. Working location is not the matter: The joke of today. Let's VN' representative in open discussion to go to "Biển Đông" for his doing biz! Very depending on what biz you do and who/what are your targeted groups

3. Good for discussion: who we are in the contact with internet and internet service providers, esp. when the terms and conditions/contracts are one way, from providers?

4. Data of clients/consumers: not only who control, because at the end, who own shall be the best to make money from that? And till now, the people do not own anything in their info data. They are sold when they join in the internet services already, esp. the young and students personal info data

5. We all know that the biggest issue of the inequality is b/c of unequal classification and distribution, and the fact that the capital raise up more and more for rich and poor becomes poorer. With 4.0 of tech, and these are all in the hand of rich, how we might expect to get more equal in any area of human lives, when we claim that 4.0 is for the HUMAN FIRST and better societies?

Kindly remember that all fingers talking about reduction of jobs, new jobs for new future, bla bla... also are built by some big corps' agencies.

What is any further truth behind of their forecast? How to move 60% of the current workers to somewhere...?

Let's see first in the education services, and we might see that if we devote for HUMAN, education should be the first priority, while in Asia, we just see very different levels of education and HRM.

Can we talk about 4.0 for education improvement and human development to ensure that we have enough time for ALL PEOPLE?

6. We build system with more than 600 mil people to connect via internet in Asia.

How to secure it? How to ensure that they will help to improve lives of ALL, esp. for education, work skills and employment? If all have own biz...who will sell to whom?

And how to protect our people' info and data and that no one can sell/buy or exchange their citizens/people to others?

Where are the chances for the poorest and the most disadvantaged? Should they the first priority for 4.0? Or by 4.0, they die?

7. Talking about PPP, let's check with Transparence Index and Corruption Systems in Asia first.

We all might learn very clear examples from S.K, Vietnam, China, and many Asian countries when the Government powers and big corporations enjoy their "back-up" paybacks and might change all the laws.

We, in Asia, do we really have clean and clear markets for ALL, equally, to do our business?

Who and how to protect you, as an individual, as a business owner, as a human? Or one day, you and all you have might be stolen legally? And via internet and its entire app?

We might set up relevant systems/legislations to prevent all RISKS first, before talking about Asian internet connection. [FYI, in VN, someone loves to eat ALL (read carefully the case of 43 million online accounts of online gambling), so I wonder if talking 4.0 with No Corruption, not many leaders really enjoy your discussion...]

NO HARM should be the first priority. If we cannot ensure that our people to be well protected, just slow down the speed to make sure that the harming shall be the min and manageable.

Thank you...for your on and off internet when we talked about 4,0: Very clear in this situation!

8. What happen to youth when we try to encourage their dream, their hope, but the truth is so far different with that, and in fact, their life and personal info are also the "food" for "data process" eating?

One hand, we must do our generation' job to ask them "Dare to hope", but the reality, huge, like 99% dies at first, and not sure % can stand up again and again, especially they live within the systems and people "cheating" them.

For me, if I am a speaker, I prefer to say the truth.

"We have some good days, and some bad days, at the bottom" - JM

And if unluckily, on the bad days, you realize that all around you cheated you for a long time to earn their parts, how to survive?

How you can compete with the systems/settings to be well set to "kill" you?

The final thing, I do believe, is that you should learn how to think what the truth behind someone' sharing is.

All love to have a nice face, nice talk, nice ....but like the "acting", should watch out what they really do, and it benefits whom.

Hope it might NOT disappoint anyone from WEF Asia 2018.

I am stupid, I know! Please sympathy for my stupidity in this post.

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WEF ASIA 4.0 and some personal reflections
Free Internet, no censorship, no block for some specific topics or areas or any one...this is the first for 4.0?
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