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Ngày đăng 08/10/2018, 21:31



Dear FBI

The US Congress

The Leaders of All Nation Members of United Nations

I have been learned that FBI and the US Government announced a notice above [1] on September 13, 2018 referring to the potential risks to our students when they study in schooling and by collecting their data of Education Tech Companies.

As a parent, as a people, and as I was a student, I highly appreciate this notice and its warning. However, from my own experiences, I do not believe that the warning is good enough for all (for school management, for students’ security and for national/global security).

Let’s me brief some key points and questions I need your helps:

1. US had some bad experiences of stealing and hacking American data, even from Office Personal Management in 2015 or banking systems [2].

This must raise a serious question: what happen if we do not protect our systems well enough, we still accept the fact that the bad guys hacked and continue to hack our system, while we just focus on collecting more and more data, in the US and over the global scale?

Why do our people must be the victims of hacking?

2. In our schooling systems, it is more serious consequences, as I understand that the majority of our students belong to K-12. It means that if their data is hacked, the bad guys shall follow their information through their next 60-80 years.

In Vietnam, it is quite so strange that some senior leaders at Internal Affairs supported the “illegal online gambling” together with 43 million account, 14 million users and by support of 3 biggest tele and internet services companies in Vietnam (while Vietnam have around 96 million of population) [3]. What will get our attention from Vietnam’ example?

Our enemy for hacking our data, our life, is breathing with us in every minute and created more trouble than we might think. Not only online gambling, my kid, less than 18 years old, received the link about online sex services through her schooling emails exchanged with her friends in Corpus Christi – Ray high school (Texas) in 2016.

As a people, I get the key point that the hacking, the stealing our data information and promoting the illegal and dark online services might come from everyone, everywhere, although they are the public services, the “back-up” companies of our country leaders, edu tech companies or even, just our friends.

How do we, the normal people and our kids, our students, might fight back the bad hacking and stealing our data, while they are, in some ways, legal operating under the support of silent laws and enforcements, in the US, in Vietnam or might be in the global?

3. Ethics and ethics, not only from citizens but from government commitments to their citizens

When we observed the ways 2016 US election interfered by someone in the social media systems, and also, the fact that social media (the same like many other companies) might sell/buy/exchange the user’s database, what are the links between this with hacking services?

Furthermore, when I watched out 2018 Davos meeting [4], they discussed a lot of AI’ benefits to society and human development. I fully agree and support any new technology that serve our People in right values and let’ our Human as truly Human.

Regretfully, in 2016 Davos meeting, huge questions raised up for ethics and for human/society benefits, including the questions for collecting data and who will own it, did not have any proper answer, from the technology companies as well as from our government leaders [5].

To help you understand why I must ask all of you to think carefully the ethics in technology and collecting data, because they are now becoming “the dangerous fact” influencing our life and not every case shall be the good outcome. Please kindly read through my story at, and my question to Vietnam Government,

“Who sold us? Who sold us, our personal information, for foreigners?” [6].

Now, the matter is not only the personal data, it directly attach to the national security, the human rights, the citizen rights, the national representative rights as if someone from Government might “sell” all of their citizens’ data, for their own benefits and without any permission from us, the real people and the one, the only owners of our personal data.

What will be our future in this situation?

How to help us to raise up the call to protect our life, our kids, and our future nation?

What are the effective laws and enforcement to handle the crises which might occur globally and with more than billion people (like the case of Fb)?

As I am not the technology people, I am not the right guy to share what we should do to help the technology world better, but, I am a student, I am a mother, I am a citizen who was “sold” and the victim of the internet world, I am writing this letter to ask all of you, FBI – US, the US Congress and all world leaders under the United Nations, to take proper actions, to help us, to help our kids, before we implement the Connecting Global (the GUNi project for Global Universities Networking).

We must work out to protect our kid, our people before putting them all in the dangerous and no-protected internet world.

Many thanks and appreciate your kind considerations,

Yours sincerely,

Huong Nguyen




[1] []






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